The Vintage Rebellion Episode 88 Launched


Sith Lord
Jan 1, 2014

Episode 88 : Bocra Fett

(A little delayed this month due to some events beyond our control)

Rich has spotted a photo on Facebook, taken in a Far East factory, where a team of workers are busy assembling Star Wars figures. The lads discuss what insights this might have for our hobby, and whether it might affect our thinking about Star Wars toys.

There’s a boisterous Action Figure Face-Off, and the team discuss some brilliant acquisitions from the past month, around the world of vintage collecting, including a great tale of a prototype action figure case which sat un-noticed in a collection for years.

Andy Spoons comes up trumps with a great quiz that has the guys really exercising the old brain cells.

In a busy Rebel Briefings section, the lads catch up on recent events in the collecting world including new Droids figures in Hasbro’s Vintage Collection, new PBP and Meccano books, a wealth of great Star Wars TV shows to watch and await, and looking forward to Dave Tree’s Farthest From collecting event in December.

Pete and Andy are joined by collector, fan, and Bespin Prime owner Robin Bocra to chat about her experiences growing up in the galaxy far, far away, collecting down the years, Facebook fun, and her amazing collection of toys, oddball items and props.

There’s another far flung licensee section this month, all the way from Argentina, as the lads discuss Top Toys range of Jedi action figures, and the loose, carded and prototype collectibles that are out there to be found.

All this along with all the usual shenanigans, look out for the podcast in the normal places. And of course, on Youtube, with pictures and vids... (thanks to the mercurial Chris Porteous)


Sith Lord
Sep 4, 2009
Entertaining listen as always guys, many thanks!
I must confess however I did laugh at your almost “wild stab in the dark” age guesses for some of our heroes! I thought it was pretty well known Carrie was a young 19, Mark was 24, Harrison & Lucas were 33, Guinness was 62(celebrated his bday on the Tatooine set) & Cushing was 63 when they got together for SW!

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