Fun poll time!

Discuss vintage Kenner and Palitoy Star Wars toys from the 1977-1985 era.

What shall tomli6's fate be?

Poll ended at Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:45 pm

Let him wait until Friday for his money
Let him wait 7 days for his money
Let him wait the full 24 days for his money
Leave him feedback right now and end his suffering
Total votes: 36

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Re: Fun poll time!

Postby subzero » Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:53 pm

stu70 wrote:
subzero wrote:
stu70 wrote:The username jogon555 rang a bell with me, I sold him a figure well over a year ago, he also bid on another one I had for sale and he sent me a couple of messages that were a bit hard to understand shall we say, but he paid promptly and I had no problem with him as a buyer. As it's been said he has been buying and selling Star Wars for a long time.

I also remember his listings then had poor spelling and punctuation, he also sold some "custom" figures, as he has listed now, I remember the creme egg R2D2, and found this old thread from over a year ago,


Deep intake of breath before you read the description of the figure, also he seems to live in Alton in Hampshire not Derbyshire, so can it be the same guy?

Aahh right I didn't know there was two Alton's :? so there's a small chance it's not him then, strange thing is ebay looked into it and agreed with me on chat earlier and said they will take action. The poor spelling and style of the descriptions are all spot on the same, but time will tell anyway.

Can't view that ebay listing unfortunately as it's not available to view any more, tomli6 was always selling crappy custom figures too.

Got the link here, working for me ok,

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Droids-R2-D2 ... 7675.l2557

Yeah I can see that one now, oh dear that spelling. :lol:

Iv'e noticed in that listing it does say Alton in Hampshire :oops: ahh well if he's not connected to tomli6 then ebay won't do anything to him anyway.
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