Imperial Troop Transporter with Cruiser stickers

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Imperial Troop Transporter with Cruiser stickers

Postby Mjgrainger » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:26 am

Long-time reader but first-time poster so apologies if I mess up any protocols here. :)

Recently picked up what I thought was a loose Imperial Cruiser. When it arrived it turned out to be a Troop Transporter - red buttons, contacts under the battery cover etc – but with the full set of Imperial Cruiser stickers applied. Stickers don’t appear to be repro, nor do they show any signs of having been removed from another vehicle at any point.

The only solutions I can think of are weird ones – i.e. someone restoring a Troop Transport with an unused set of Cruiser stickers (seems like a lot of trouble to go to).

So my question is - anyone know if the Imperial Cruiser was ever released with electronics intact?

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