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Fortnite and The Mandalorian

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2020 4:01 am
by Dantooine
I don't normally play games like Fortnite, the whole free to play thing with "V Bucks" is a bit offputting, but so far, if you want to play a game with The Mandalorian in it, this is what we've got. To be honest, it's pretty damn good.

I've been playing the Battle Royal mode where 100 players land on an island and it's the last one standing. You have to scout for weapons and supplies etc. There are loads of games that do this, but the reason it's a good fit for Mando is that you have missions, some of which are bounties. As well as these set bounties there are npc's dotted around the map and they can set you a bounty on another player for extra XP.

You start off as season 1 Mando with hardly any Beskar. Some missions unlock Beskar armour (so far I've got both shoulder pieces) and as you rank up you unlock more missions which should complete the look. For some extra Mando feels at the edge of the desert there is a crashed Razor Crest with Mando roaming around outside. Kill him you get his rifle - the best sniper in the whole game - and jet pack.

I've been playing about a week and I'm at level 19. At level 99 you can unlock Grogu in his carriage to float by your side. Such is my love of The Mandalorian I've been sucked in to this. Also, the gunplay is very smooth, the weapons feel good and different. There is nothing like taking out a bounty with a headshot from Mandos sniper rifle.

It's not a retro game in any way, and you have to buy season 5 to play as Mando - £6.50, but considering the game is free it's an ok deal I think. If anyone else takes the plunge we could team up.