Latest Acquisitions

Discuss vintage Kenner and Palitoy Star Wars toys from the 1977-1985 era.
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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby ScruffyLookingNH » Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:19 am

Russ, nothing like picking up loose figures for the first time in a long time. Is this actually the first time you've owned them since childhood? Great pair of figures.

Poncho, nice pick up, looks in mint condition. Whilst I would really like that line in Trilogo POTF boxes, I have to say, these are possibly my least favourite Star Wars toys from the Vintage era. That thing is as ridiculous as the "Mongo Beefhead" figure that came up with in the dying days. You can see how it started life in kitbashed form: Endor Forest Ranger on it's side, Skiff/One Man Sail Skiff rudder, Endor Forest Ranger/One man Skiff hybrid gun at the front. In fairness, it's the best of the three of that range they did; don't get me started on the Security Scout :D

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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby Ruby2511 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:53 am

ScruffyLookingNH wrote:Russ, nothing like picking up loose figures for the first time in a long time. Is this actually the first time you've owned them since childhood? Great pair of figures.

Yep and it's a buzz to be able to own something again that bought me hours of fun when I was a child.

I think it's the thrill of hunting the figures down and matching them with their original weapons and accessories that I enjoy. 8)

Russ :D

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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby AndyPreston » Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:36 pm

Pulsar wrote:Some great purchases guys but I'm particularly loving the items you acquire Andy P. 8)

Cheers Pulsar! :)
http://www.ukstarwars.com Looking for non-toy vintage British SW items esp. store displays, advertising & promotional items, and cast & crew or prop items.

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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby BruceW » Fri Jun 08, 2018 3:59 pm

One of the first items I had as a kid were the free premiums in food products, the cards in Wonder bread and the free posters in General MIlls cereals.
This is probably my favorite of those posters. Not so much a poster, really more of an ad for Kenner products. Sneaky, sneaky, GM!


Ron has a great article about these posters here http://blog.theswca.com/2016/06/rebates-and-munch-mates-kenner-cheerios.html?m=1

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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby edd_jedi » Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:58 am

Just picked up this lovely 77 back Luke Bespin from new member k70 (who has a few other nice MOCs in the valuation forum if you're interested.) Apart from the crease top right it's in really nice shape. The white bit next to Luke's head is a printing error, haven't seen it before. I've always wanted to get one of these again, I think I have 5 different Luke Bespin's now so looks like my focus is making a comeback :lol:

IMG_6137.jpg (106.91 KiB) Viewed 454 times

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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby Ruby2511 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:10 pm

Very nice edd 8)

Remember above the clouds the sun always shines

C-3PO (Return of the Jedi): I’m rather embarrassed, General Solo, but it appears that you are to be the main course at a banquet in my honor.

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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby Jez » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:35 am

Wow, the last time I posted one of my Latest Acquisitions was in November :o
The last time i posted a comment on this thread was in January! :o

Since I joined the Podcast i’ve never missed anyones post so here goes. I’m going to start this on Friday night and do a couple hours at a time!!

Page 2178
Kieatky: Wow mate, that's a lovely Tri Logo Ewok Village

Page 2179
Hooch: Great Ewok Fire Cart & Thermos set
Grant: Sweet Walrus Man MOC and double off ERG
Spoons: Totally mint X-Wing & Landspeeder mate
Apack7229: Nice intergalactic Passport matey

Page 2180
Savory: Nice MPC Darth and Indy figure
Vintageviewport: Quality Kenner transparency
Burto: Wow, very nice Palitoy Lando & Falcon. Congrats
Andy Preston: Lovely gathering of beyond the toys merch
Roundster: Great Leia Reseal, bargain mate

Page 2181
Gadders: Congrats on the Amanaman and Leia MOCs, very nice
Edd: Nice 48 Back LXW and Imp Commander, the LXW focus must be very healthy now!
Cardbackkid: Man that R2 is pure mint. Great work with the local purchase card back as well!
Steve Obi Wan: Congrats on that Killer Villain Set! Very nice

Page 2182
Crumm: I was exactly the same with a Han Bespin, very hard to find one that nice. Well done
Lejackal: Sweet collection of bounty hunters dude
Leon355: The Biker Scout MOC is a thing of beauty, nice one centurion!
The Jabba Wookie: I've heard so many great things about the Tomarts Guide, i really must get one. Nice Blueprints too!

Page 2183
Steve Obi Wan: Cracking Six Pack mate, you don’t see them come up that often!!
Apack7229: Nice candy container and Fett

Page 2184
Rich: Nice Hoth playset and collection of ESB MOCs

Page 2185
PalitoyJunky: Mate that Tri LXW is as minty as a mint factory after having brushed it’s teeth!
Laurence: Wow, an unused sticker sheet for the C3PO, nice touch!

Page 2186
Steve Obi Wan: And now an EB Kit!! 3 Pack, 6 Pack and 4 Pack!!

Page 2187
Steve Obi Wan: Just a VCJ MOC, boring!
Apack7229: Nice beaters
The Jabba Wookie: Sweet PBP Carmel Luke Bespin. Best of luck with the saber hunt!
Spoons: Congrats on the Tie Wing Pre production piece. Wow what an unusual COA!

Page 2188
Darth Simon: Nice case for your childhood Leia and card
Mr Shifter: Dude your foreign MOC run is awesome, great addition with the Chewie. Sweet Speeder Bike as well.
Cardback Kid: Lovely Tri Logo Miscard mate

Page 2189
Punk Pat: Well i’ve seen lots of 2 packs and owned a couple but i’ve never seen one that mint! Congrats mate, very nice.
Rounster: Very nice Spanish Hammerhead MOC
Dallas: Mate thanks for coming on the podcast. That Luke is mint. Sweet cups as well!

Page 2190
Peekaygee73: Congrats on completing the 77 run. Plus that MISB Speeder Bike with the local stickers on it is awesome, well done.
Edd Jedi: Nice boxed Tri Logo Ewok mate, the do look good in the box.
BruceW: Mate thats a great score, they look awesome together.
The Jabba Wookie: Lovely looking 20 Bk Tuskan mate

Page 2191
Lejackal: Nice Clipper Bossk cardback
Jedi_Mister: Sweet 3D Poster art from the USA
Coomber75: Cool MOC Diecast DVPonchoTF, great pick up
Poncho: for that price he’s an absolute steal. Fresh as a daisy.

Page 2192
Lejackal: Cool game, i’ve never seen one of those before. I’d call it vintage!
Shaky_BobaFett: Welcome back mate: sweet score with the 3PO & R2 MOCs, plus R5 cardback
Darth_Daddius: Great German Vader MOC and Imperial Twin Pack

Page 2193
Savory100: Very interesting WBG
RobStyley: Dude that Yak is flawless!
Apack7229: Nice Rebel Commander MOC. Congrats on your first ESB, who cares if he’s been in the wars?

Page 2194
TheJabbaWookie: Easily one of my favourites as well. The Luke Jedi artwork is awesome.
TheforceUK: Nice Cardbacks mate
MichaelSith: Congrats on the beater MOC run, the Han & Chewie look great together

Page 2195
Coomber75: Nice Kenner & Palitoy Die Cast Ships mate. Loving the Imperial Gunner with coin also.
Tigerham: It’s really great to see you on the forum again mate. Sweet run of MOCs Ham.
Leejackal: Sweet Japanese ReeYees MOC mate. I’m not even gonna try to spell Tsukuda.

Page 2196
Plastikheld: Mate that is a great poster, i’ve never seen one of those before.
TheforceUK: Nice addition to the cardback focus. R5 and A Wing Pilot, sweet.
Mr Shifter: NSW Speeder Bike instructions, nice work Ben.
Roundster: Quality 45 Back PD mate.

Page 2197
EddJedi: Mate you are the new ToyHunter of the 70B+C!! Congrats Edd!
Cazza: Dude those drawings are priceless!!

Page 2198
Shaky_Bobafett: Dude you are getting the bargain!! Well done mate. Your run is great!
Tigerham: Delighted to see you pick up a Clipper CC MOC mate, great stuff!

Page 2199
Nothing, my first nothing on a page since i started doing this!!

Page 2200
Tigerham: Great photo of your Chirpas. Sad to read about the damage.

Page 2201
Thejabbawookie: Nice work with the Luke Jedi mate. Good for you sorting out the weapons etc
Poncho: Congrats on the Han Hoth mate, great spot!
Leon355: Mint Han Endor and NN, both UP, very nice
Chipsteak: You’ve got eagle eyes finding that cardback!! Well done

Page 2202
Apack7229: Great remote controlled R2 and Jigsaws
Tigerham: Sweet Tsuduka Chirpa dude

Page 2203
LeJackal: I’ve seen that crew bag before but not when it was £50!! bargain mate, well done.
Kvavik: Your choice of the Derby offerings was sweet. I love the Hoth Stormtrooper. Cracking Meccano by the way.
PalitoyJunkie: Mate congrats with the 30 back Lobot and 41 R2

Page 2204
Taffius: Great work with the 3 x near wild find mini rigs and Teebo MOC
Subzero: Well done on getting the painted helmet Fett
Plastikheld: Good score on getting a box for the Sonic landspeeder.

Page 2205
The JabbaWookie: Nice dark brown boot Luke Bespin. Good comparison photo.
TigerHam: Mate congrats on the 65 Bk Chirpa for the focus. I had no idea about the blue/green logo availability.

Page 2206
Subsezo: Sweet Trilogo Bossk mate

Page 2207
EddJedi: Happy for you getting your ToyToni mate
TK7785: Stunning loose mint figures, the Leia is so clean. Great photos by the way.

Page 2208
TK7785: Mate that Debenhams merch is awesome. I love it. Cool mirror, super 8 and soap.
Tigerham: Wow the Chirpa focus is coming along strong! Love that Top Toys!

Page: 2209
JediJut: Great negative of the Mock Ups, that’s not something you see every day!
Lejackal: Mate that’s a good price for a Kenner one let alone El Returno!!
Roundster: Wow what a great haul of MOCs, those TRi Logos look mint. Sweet import stickers as well.

Page 2210
TheJabbaWookie: Congrats with the Kenner Landspeeder mate.
Minni99: Nice place mate

Page 2211
TheJabbaWookie: Mate congrats, i’ve not joined that group yet! Great VCJ dude.
SubZero: Lovely Tri Logo Han Solo, thats a great one.

Page 2212

Page 2213
Apack7229: Nice armless Polish Booty Fett
TigerHam: Mint looking R2

Page 2214
TigerHam: Mate you are so on a role. Great Trilogo Pop Up Fett with Solid dome R2 and long bubble!
Daz: I love that Australian Cloud City Playset, very cool.

Page 2215
Stu: Mate it seems so long ago you got that sweet Meccano Greedo! It was i’m still looking at March!! Well done mate, uber cool.

Page 2216
SubZero: Dude that Leia Trilogo is so int very well done. Then onto the NN Tri Logo, slightly different condition but lovely none the less!

Page 2217
TK7785: Congrats on the great score with the Small Head painted legs Han
Chipsteak: Very interesting record

Page 2218
Scarifpacific: Lovely Boxed Rancor, such a cool piece
EddJedi: Nice show of Rancor Keepers. You are the 70C king
Leejackal: Sweet NN MOC, beater but sweet.
Xecck: Lovely Fett MOC mate, very cool purchase.

Page 2219
Poncho: Nice Boussh mate
BruceW: Cool night shirt dude
Apack7229: Cool Max Rebo Erasers, not seen those ones before.
Theforceuk: Cool Speeder Bike, NN and Lando Skiff MOC

Page 2220
Apack7229: Nice ESB napkins dude

Page 2221
TK7785: Nice pick up with the 8 pack mate
TigerHam: Very cool R2 solid custom 65 back
Scarifpacific: Great loft find (your own loft) i love the Palitoy Jedi Luke
DrBallMD: Sweet Landspeeder, Hoth scene, Rebel Transport and Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer

Page 2222
Ruby2511: Cool weekend purchases, nice AST5
Stormcab: Lovely AT AT Driver Palitoy MOC, very nice indeed. Good job with the footer.

Page 2223
TigerHam: Nice NN MOC mate, I don’t think you see many of them due to the mail away offer
Mr Shifter: Aaah Ben that PBP Hybrid B Wing Pilot is awesome, well done mate

Page 2224
Apack7229: Unusual seeing a Hoth Luke where the bubble is brighter than the cardback! Good score mate.
EddJedi: Two class looking MOCs there, love the Han Kenner and DSD TriLogo

Page 2225
TheJabbaWookie: Congrats on the Ben SW MOC, he looks lovely
Stubbs: 5 gorgeous mint loose figures there. Great haul from FF
TK7785: Lovely Yoda and Lando 32 Bks. Good work at FF. Cool mailer as well.
Apack7229: Cool micro figures, nice little collection there

Page 2226
Dereader73: Great set up with the Star Destroyer. Where did you grow up? I don’t know of any UK guys who had one of these.
Poncho: £3 for a LFB?? Bargain. Great price for the Chewbacca as well.
TK7785: Lovely ROTJ carry case. Sweet boxed CAP 2.
Poncho: Great work with that bargain helix Ben pencil case, it’s cleared up brilliantly.
Edd Jedi: Mate congrats on the Palitoy Fett, funny that it’s come back over from the USA.

Page 2227
Twofoot: Great purchase for the £15 Palitoy Klaatu
Savory100: Gorgeous Tri Logo Luke Stormtrooper and Han Hoth Palitoy MOC mate

Page 2228
Stormcab: Cracking looking carded figures. I love that AT AT Driver
Spoons: Nice one. I’ve never seen a Zetca Diecast before. Cool X-Wing.
Twofoot: Lovely first 12 birthday presents from the family!
BruceW: Mate thats a great 2 pack. Lovely Leia badge to boot!
Scarifpacific: Gotta love a boxed Dewback. Nice one mate.

Page 2229
Apack7229: Nice candy heads. Funny that they still have the candy!
Cardbackkid: You know I like that pop up book! Thanks for being on the podcast :)

Page 2230
Coomber75: Nice boxed Millennium Falcon Die Cast mate
Seahawks: Congrats on the Attack the Death Star Palydoh set
Poncho: Nice reddish brown LFB.

Page 2231
Mini99: Mate that TRi Logo Gunner looks stunning. Great POTF Amanaman as well.
Scarifpacific: Nice ESB BBG MOC

Page 2232
PalitoyJunky: I’m so happy for you getting that Lightsaber mate. Very cool.
Poncho: Bargain Rebel Commander
Taffius: Great haul at Echo LIve. Really good to meet you there.
Coomber75: I must give you a shout out for your acrylic love!

Page 2233
Spoons: Great Echo haul. I was so chuffed for you with the comic finds! Shame about the Anakin.
Poncho: Mate if i still collected LXWs i’d have been after him! Great emblem issue!
TheforceUK: I totally agree, I love the Han Hoth MOC.
Savory100: Nice DSD and masturbating bounty hunter. I love both those cards.

Page 2234
EddJedi: Mate thats a great score a Palitoy 20 Bk and 45B. Very cool.
Leon355: Lovely ERG MOC, a classic figure.
Dienstuhr: Mate this was the feature in the latest Podcast. I bloody love this Skiff!

Page 2235
TigerHam: mate that was one of the posts of the year!! What a collection, congrats on them all but you know i have a soft spot for the CiP8!

Page 2236
Ham: Wow, that post of Jawas, unbelievable!
Poncho: Good luck with the fixer upper Falcon.
Seahawks: Huge congratulations on getting your 21 Bk Fett. Pop or no pop, he’s brilliant.

Page 2237
Roundster: Lovely Diecast X-Wing & Ti Fighter

Page 2238
Richard: Sweet 47 Bk R5 mate, congrats. You have some good friends due.
Tomasfuriu: 50P A Wing Pilot!!! Brilliant, utterly brilliant!
Tk7785: Great find with the Swedish Poster, a very good price mate.

Page 2239
Richard: Huge congrats on the 3 Pack. I love that Yoda as well. You’ve done well mate.
Lejackal: Another blooming bargain there mate. Great reseal BBG.

Page 2240
Spoons: Lovely Canadian 47 Back Han Hoth MOC, nice one.
Andy Preston: Thank you so much for coming on the show to talk about your amazing Pye store display. It’s fantastic!
Savory100: Boom, just the one Hybrid to go i think! Congrats on the Greedo mate.

Page 2241
Lejackal: Cool sigma plate mate
Theforceuk: nice Rebel Soldier
R5D4cus: Nice Falcon and AT ST Walker

Page 2242
TK7785: Lovely mini haul of MOC. I love all of those. Tough call but my favourite is the BS
Nick: Congrats on the 12 Back Meccano Jawa mate, delighted for you.
Apack7229: Cool valentines cards. Plus i learned about USA traditions and culture regarding valentines day, which is a bonus!

Page 2243
EddJedi: Nice Squid Head and Madine Tri Logo bubbled Palitoy MOCs mate
Coomber75: Cool placeholder small head Han reseal
Apack7229: Great Flea market find. That Yoda was a steal
BruceW: Mate congrats on finally pulling the trigger on the 12B to go with your A & C.
MarkG: Nice base plate. Forget the rest of it, that’ll still display well.

Page 2244
Robpmarsh: Not seen one of those Icarus posters before. Nice find. Great follow up info as well.
Darth_Daddius: Mate that Vader Carry Case is stunning, well done sir. It’s mint.
Ruby2511: Gotta love a Biker Scout, he’s in great shape

Page 2245
EddJedi: Nice work getting your penultimate C. Best of luck with the Nikto hunt mate.
Poncho: Cool addition with the Sand Skimmer. You’ve got to get all of the last line now!
Taffius: Nice raffle prize dude. Congrats on acquiring such a collection without breaking £50!
Ruby2511: Sweet Vader complete with tip to add to your growing figure collection.
Andy P: Mate you get hold of some gems. Lovely run of Pre Release Tickets and advertising/promotional items.

Page 2246
BruceW: Cool poster, yeah slightly sneaky.
EddJedi: I love a Luke Bespin MOC. Now you’ve announced a Luke focus. So thats, a 70 back focus, a LXW and Luke Bespin focus. Busy boy!

Yes that took me a while.

I've not managed to post anything since November so please excuse me showing some of my treasures now.

First of all is this, a sweet miscard. Not your normal miscard but something a bit different.
IMG_0906.jpg (286.99 KiB) Viewed 404 times

Now over to the December Farthest From where i took some of my Luke X-Wings for sale or trade. I came back with a nice variety of MOCs and swapped my Luke Proof for this 90 graded Rebel.
IMG_0904 2.jpg
IMG_0904 2.jpg (201.95 KiB) Viewed 386 times

IMG_0902.JPG (238.26 KiB) Viewed 404 times

IMG_0901.JPG (231.84 KiB) Viewed 404 times

Then a couple of Kaybee sticker Palitoy Ebay purchases Jan-Mar time
IMG_0893.JPG (229.38 KiB) Viewed 404 times

Then Echo Live where i bought these Palitoy MOCs from Simon
IMG_0896 2.jpg
IMG_0896 2.jpg (191.07 KiB) Viewed 386 times

IMG_0898.JPG (257.64 KiB) Viewed 404 times

I've got a couple other photos to post but that's it for now!!
Incredible items being shown off boys. Phew, i'm glad that post is over with!!
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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby Jez » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:16 am

In addition to my last mega post I’m delighted with these 2 beauties.

The first being my Luke X Wing Palitoy. This fits wonderfully with my 45B. All I need now is a ROTJ Palitoy and I’ll be all set.
Thanks to Nicholas Dykes for holding him for me for so long and really looking after me.

A6F47F35-4783-4CC4-AEF3-919EE8BE80F0.jpeg (213.34 KiB) Viewed 393 times

The second, and I never saw this coming is a Creature Set 3 Pack! I’ve always wanted one of these, this one in particular. I think I said so in my very first podcast interview. This is a case of having a keen eye and being in the right place at the right time.
It’s a beater but I’m delighted to finally have one.
B09D691F-F763-4B07-B543-887AF85AD3E5.jpeg (242.61 KiB) Viewed 393 times
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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby Ruby2511 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:59 am

Very nice Jez 8)

Remember above the clouds the sun always shines

C-3PO (Return of the Jedi): I’m rather embarrassed, General Solo, but it appears that you are to be the main course at a banquet in my honor.

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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby Richard_H » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:23 pm

Nice 3 pack with C-3PO leg. The 3 pack club was awesome a few days ago, it's shit now.

Glad you got it and it'll be treasured not flipped. Nice one.
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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby Plastikheld » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:06 pm

Whoohooo, THAT'S a kind of a post, man!
Wonderful new additions to your collection. In fact the Palitoy Luke and the 3-Pack are outstanding.
Absolutely love it.
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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby SAVORY100 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:32 pm

That 20 back is stunning! :shock:
On the hunt for items for my Han Original big head / pinhead focus




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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby Mini99 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:07 pm

Thanks for the kind comments.
My you have been busy behind the scenes!
A 20 back, a three pack and a proof card, your approaching Richards normal monthly acquisitions! :roll:
Seriously, great pick ups Jez. Congratulations.

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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby Clarkspie&chips » Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:40 pm

Bloody hell Jez, 6 months away and Bam! You blow everbodies socks off.

What an absolutely incredible post

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Re: Latest Acquisitions

Postby spoons » Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:08 pm

Those three packs are growing on trees :shock:

congrats Jez, like your miscard too, that is a bit different

Lots of fantastic items over the last few pages but Pat's DV carry case is my favourite. A beauty!

Big shout out to Darth Stanley for sending me the link to this POCH card back. At £4k for a sealed one its something I never thought I'd own, and although £100 is a lot for a tatty card back I think I did alright.

Mr Palitoy was an absolute star and found this perfect match of a bubble and also sold me a regular Han Hoth card back. I was going to cut the name tag out but can't bring myself to do it. I''m in two minds about properly resealing him but for the time being the bubble is propped on. I've added a spare minty Han and it looks ok to me


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