Warn members about negative experiences with sellers on this forum or other places such as eBay or Facebook. Please read the rules before posting.
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Postby edd_jedi » Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:08 am

As requested I have created a new forum where you can warn others of sellers to avoid. Please read and stick to these rules before posting.

1) Please make a new thread for each seller, with their username/name in the title if possible.
2) DO NOT post any personal information such as address, photos, phone number etc. Send these in PMs if they will help. Real name, email addresses, location, eBay IDs, forum usernames etc are fine.
3) Everything posted here must be FACT. DO NOT make a thread about somebody unless you are 100% sure they deserve one. Feel free to PM me or one of the mods if you're not sure first. Attach screenshots to back up your claims if possible.
4) Do not 'name and shame' people for trivial reasons. This is for people who steal, lie, scam, deceive, or generally provide poor customer service on multiple occasions. it is not for a seller that took a week to post something, accidentally sent you the wrong figure, made an honest mistake etc. Use your common sense.
5) Selling repros does not warrant a thread, unless they are knowingly trying to pass them off as originals.
6) You may also post dishonest BUYERS in here - eg people that do Paypal chargebacks/claims after receiving an item.
7) However frustrating your experience may have been, please refrain from using profanities. Some sellers will clutch at any straws available to get posts removed, don't give them the satisfaction.

@ anybody who finds themselves listed here - If you feel you have been treated unfairly, please feel free to contact a moderator once you have resolved the problem(s). However please do not waste your or my time making empty legal threats against the forum. Posting factual accounts of poor experiences is not libel or defamation.

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Postby weasel » Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:51 pm

Guys, If anyone can think of any threads that need to be moved here drop one of us Mod's a PM with a link.
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