Premier League 2019/2020 Thread


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Oct 19, 2006
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Agreed that teams who win the league tend to be fortunate with injuries or in City/chelsea’s case have a huge squad and billionaire owner who buys you a new replacement.

I reckon Utd need 3, prob 4, first team standard players. Fernandes standard would be good but just ‘good PL’ players would be enough. Just to allow them to rotate the starting 11 and not have the drop off in standard they have ATM. Saying that, OGS still doesn’t fill me with any confidence. Nice guy, trying his best and def cutting some dead wood. But, “good manager” hhhhmmmm. Tactically, I’m not convinced.

Gutting to see PSG make the final. If i was a player playing against Neymar I Would probably be looking at an assault charge after going in two footed on his head after he dived and rolled about the ground after zero contact for 97th time in the 4th minute of the game.
I hate Real, and Utd for obvious reason, but PSG are fast working their way to the top.

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